Before we dive into what we can control in an upcoming blog, let’s focus for a moment on what we do not and never will be able to control.   The short list is as follows:   How
  Most people focus on earning more and more and growing assets constantly.  This is like fixing your diet when you have something like a thyroid issue.  Until issue is removed, it’s impossible to get optimum result levels.  
    After working with countless people over the years, I still had no clue why it was so hard for people to get ahead.  Then, after some deep thought and study, it hit me like a lightning bolt.  I had cracked the wealth code.  The secret to the economy and how companies and gov
    Before getting into how to build wealth faster, smarter, and safer; I want to talk for a moment about the way most people go about building their assets.  The way that is promoted by advisors worldwide and guess what?  Does not work! It serves the financial industry,
    Tax preparers make a huge mistake when working with high flying business owners and professionals.     Most of them are still steering these clients into Qualified Plans.    You know, the Defined Benefit, 401k, etc. kind of accounts.
  This quick video shows the power of "OPM".       To view video, click here .   To learn more about our exciting programs, go   here.    
  Citadel:  A fortress, usually on high ground, protecting or dominating a city.   While most are setting goals and thinking about all they want to accomplish, the prudent are planning for the worst possible outcomes imaginable.  By taking care to a
    Do you know what your business is worth?   Businesses differ, but you can follow these basic valuation guidelines.   The following guidelines are assuming you are running a very small business, such as $100,000 to $2 million
    Money is simply a resource like oxygen.  No more, no less.  You can smoke making oxygen useless, no one will stop you from being a fool.  No one will force you to be smart with any resource.  Life is really short and not about us (our egoic selves)
      How much of your potential are you tapping into? Over the past several years this question has been stuck in my mind and I went out to find the answer to this question.  More than that, I wanted

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