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3 Daily Habits that will change your life

John P. Duncan


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How much of your potential are you tapping into?

Over the past several years this question has been stuck in my mind and I went out to find the answer to this question.  More than that, I wanted to discover how to tap into the potential like never before.

This quest led me to find that there are 3 things I could do everyday that would unlock the potential hiding in my genes.  

1. Work out an hour everyday.  As simple as this seems, I have found that this alone has transformed my mind, body, and spirit.  The good brain chemicals are released during hard exercise; and stress, fear, and anxieties disappear.  I now believe that my lack of physical activity over the previous 20 years cost me a fortune in money and peace of mind. 

2. Read and/or write at least an hour a day.  By feeding brain with powerful wisdom contained in non fiction books daily, I've found that the compound growth is amazing.  Writing, on the other hand is like a "brain dump", enabling me to get the thoughts out of my head and into life.

3. Do several things everyday that either don't want to do or am fearful of.  By doing either or both, it seems to condition discipline, control, and power.  It overrides our comfort seeking nature and pushes us to next level of living.

These simple actions, as Jeff Olson says in the "Slight Edge" (great read, by the way!), easy to do and easy not to do.  By making the choice to do them, the results compound to enormous proportions. 

I've been on this path for quite some time and have to say that I've never felt so alive.  I am excited for each new day and what can be learned and accomplished.  Before this, I was suffering from burnout, not excited about anything in particular.

If you feel you don't have the time, think again.  I used to feel the same way, but the bottom line is that my happiness, growth, and living into my potential depends on taking these 3 simple actions everyday.  

After a relatively short amount of time, not doing became more painful than doing.  I've worked with many mentors and coaches through the years, I wished one of them would have pointed me in this direction many moons ago.  

Let's face it, it's a competitive world out there.  A healthy, strong, and disciplined mind and body are the real game changers for those of us who want to live exceptionally.  While others work like hell, yet don't take care of themselves; we will be growing in strength day in, day out. When they burn themselves out, we will just be getting started.  

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