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"Deep" Thoughts on Money

John P. Duncan


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Money is simply a resource like oxygen.  No more, no less.  You can smoke making oxygen useless, no one will stop you from being a fool.  No one will force you to be smart with any resource. 

Life is really short and not about us (our egoic selves).  We will be gone before we want to be and this whole experience is like a dream.  However, it takes money to pay for things in this world.  It is everywhere but nowhere.  Are you making money your bitch or are you it’s prisoner?


Money goes where it is respected and treated well.  It goes to the most innovative, creative, and useful ideas.  It flows like an avalanche and yet, can stop at any time.  Like life, it is an idea that seems super solid but can disappear at any moment without warning.  It runs from those who try to cling to it and never abandons those who see it for what it is.  It is an ever increasing commodity that flows to the most relevant ideas, people, and circumstances.


In today’s fast paced world, success and failure happen quicker and without warning like no other time in history.  Technology is both the enabler and destroyer of business ideas depending which side of the curve you are on.  What does this mean?  When riding the wave, do not insist it last forever.  Takes radical steps to ensure that its rewards will be there if it crashes.


With life being so fragile and fleeting, creating something permanent for those you care about is a noble endeavor indeed.  How shameful to have been a success and pissed it all down the drain or left up to fate. 


At what point does defense become as important as offense?  Failure to protect gains leads to erosion or total loss.  Asset management is very similar country management.  America must spend much larger on defense than Zimbabwe because its resources are much more valuable to predatory forces.


What is financial strength?  Is it not ever having to worry about money again?  How much stress could your resources survive?  Would any of the following impact your financial ability?  


  1. Loss of primary source of income
  2. Death of income earner(s)
  3. Long term disability
  4. Loss of Business
  5. Lawsuit(s)
  6. Increase in tax rates
  7. Stock or Real Estate Market Severe Corrections
  8. Long term illness of self or family members


What will your success look like in 50 years?  Will it disappear altogether or expand even further?  Are you building a fountain or a drain? 

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